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A Major Milestone for Enterprise AI

ModuleQ has chosen Microsoft Teams, launched today, as the platform for our Q knowledge delivery solution. Teams is an innovative chat-based workspace that will help transform the Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape. AI solutions depend on UX platforms to mediate interactions with end users.  In the consumer space, the leading UX platforms are communication systems […]

Announcing the ModuleQ Enterprise Solution for Microsoft Teams

Today we launched ModuleQ’s ‘Q’ on Microsoft Teams. Here at ModuleQ, we spend our time thinking about the challenges faced by organizations that support communities of knowledge professionals. Our team consists of people who have lived these challenges throughout their own careers. The product of our combined experience is People-Facing Artificial Intelligence that identifies the […]

Microsoft + LinkedIn = Uber for the Knowledge Economy

Business types are not bullish on the Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn: “the deal’s rationale looks questionable. … firms are unlikely to want to give their employees more of an excuse to spend time on social media” — The Economist “the concrete synergies are hard to see … there are vague tech-speak promises of how LinkedIn’s social network […]

Data Fusion Can Even Unclog Drains. Really.

The Wikipedia definition of data fusion is kind of drab: “the process of integration of multiple data and knowledge representing the same real-world object into a consistent, accurate, and useful representation” It turns out that real world applications are a lot more colorful. In New York City, sewers get clogged when restaurants dump cooking oil […]

Personal Data Fusion™ and the End of Information Overload

As a high-value professional, you know that information overload is becoming worse, and Personal Data Fusion™ is here to help. You’re continuously bombarded by more information from ever more apps. Perhaps you have three thousand unread emails, or thirty thousand, or even three hundred thousand. And you expect your information overload to intensify in the […]

Customer Evolution – Why Sales Professionals are more relevant than ever

Then Did you know that the structure for goals and sales steps was formulated in the late 1800’s?  NCR introduced a sales model that changed the profession and we still map to it. This process focused on the customer’s needs, not on the product. It was a script that moved the customer through that value […]