Extending reach, increasing revenue

Providers of high-value business content are often valued by information professionals such as researchers and librarians. We directly connect content providers with hard-to-reach front line professionals, who need that content — a connection that builds mutual trust.

With ModuleQ, information providers can serve their content on enterprise systems (such as Office 365) where they actually work. Driving incremental content consumption drives revenue.

According to Forrester, intelligent agents in 2018 will strengthen their influence on professionals, pressuring brands to engage through “intelligent agent cocoons” that focus the professional.

Many companies will “lack expertise in the lingua franca of intelligent agents,” according to Forrester. “It is like not understanding search – but with far greater consequences” to your business.

Based on over 10 years of PhD research, ModuleQ provides Business Information Providers with a game-changing white labeled, intelligent agent platform that works where professionals already work.

Fully brand Your bot - ModuleQ can be white-labeled in your environment.

The Future of Accessing Information

In the past, you had to search for information. With an AI assistant, information comes to you. As business information providers, AI gives you have a chance to reach larger audiences through new channels. You can integrate your content seamlessly in the systems where work gets done. It’s easier to reach your audience and engage them with timely, personalized content.

  • White label ModuleQ to expand the reach of your content.
  • AI predictively delivers your content to most valuable users, even creating value for underutilized content.
  • Timeliness of content, without even asking, delights users.
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