The ModuleQ Solution

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ModuleQ is for the Enterprise

ModuleQ’s Personal Data Fusion provides organizations visibility into what is working, ultimately allowing problems to be solved faster.

Q is for Teams

is a chatbot (available in Microsoft Teams) that can be customized to target relevant communications and internal content based on team priorities.

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Q is for Professional Services

ModuleQ augments your consultants and their teams in the most intricate and personal part of your business: the customer relationship.

Consultants don’t have time to use a product that makes work even more complicated. Q helps professionals focus on defining extraordinary customer value — profitably.

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Q is for Sales

Your competition is moving fast — move faster.

Q powers up sales organizations to sell smarter and compete. Ensure that all your sales teams line up with the company’s Go-To-Market strategies.

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Q is for Financial Services

Financial Services are going through a fundamental shift. Guide the journey of your organization by leveraging artificial intelligence.

ModuleQ uses AI to help you deliver ‘a bank of one,’ where client services have the information they need just in time to make customers happy so you don’t lose out to the competition.

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