Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Q know what work is most important to me?

Q applies ModuleQ’s AI engine to your metadata from email, calendar, chat and other digital traces to suggest important relationships. ModuleQ does not keep emails or calendar invitations.

How does Q know what news or information would be interesting to me?

Having discovered which work is most important to you, Q identifies relevant information related to the clients and industries you are working with. Q watches the timing of your client meetings and communication to deliver this information at the time when you need it.

What happens if I don’t respond to Q to confirm a priority?

Q will continue to monitor that relationship in the background and the priority will be present in the dashboard as ‘Not in Focus’. Q will continue to identify relevant news and information for that client.

However, Q will not deliver recommended content for that client before meetings, or escalate unread emails. You may receive content related to that priority as part of a regular content digest.

To confirm a priority, you can move it to ‘In Focus’ in the priority dashboard.

Can I answer an email escalated by Q in Microsoft Teams?

Yes, when you click on the email, it will be opened in Office 365 in your browser. You can then respond directly in Office 365, so that your response is always in your email sent box, your system of record. As a reminder, ModuleQ does not keep your emails.

Can I change the order or status of my priorities if my client relationship changes?

Yes, you can reflect that change in your priority dashboard by dragging the client relationship to “In Focus” or “Not In Focus”.

Can I remove Q from Microsoft Teams?

You can discontinue using Q by closing your ModuleQ account on your account page. You will then not receive any further notifications from Q. Your data will be deleted from our system.

The messages Q sent you will remain in Microsoft Teams as it is currently not possible to remove a bot in Teams.