ModuleQ for Information Vendors

Reach the Unreachable Professional

Finding information is a major pain point for knowledge-intensive businesses. Your users are overloaded and too busy to search.

For many consumer applications, a 2% acceptance rate on push notifications is acceptable. Business applications require an order-of-magnitude higher accuracy of at least 50% acceptance.

ModuleQ’s AI powers automatic content delivery leveraging a map of your users priorities as they evolve. Deliver value not noise.

Benefits include:

  • Automate user adoption by delivering content personalized to work priorities
  • Your branded Bot delivers where users work within Microsoft, enhancing reach to a large user community
  • Capture data on content usage and entice users back for “more like this”
  • Escalate user awareness of new relevant services

ModuleQ gives you a direct channel to busy client facing professionals.


Professionals are delighted to receive timely information that is relevant to their priorities.


Information Vendors connect more deeply with their customer organizations, engaging directly.