ModuleQ for
Business Information Providers

OEM Model Drives Revenue For Information Providers

With ModuleQ, information providers serve content directly to O365 users where they work, driving incremental content consumption and revenue

Forrester 2018 Predictions:

  • In 2018 intelligent agents will strengthen their influence on professionals, pressuring brands to engage through “intelligent agent cocoons” that focus the professional
  • Many companies will “lack expertise in the lingua franca of intelligent agents”. “It is like not understanding search – but with far greater consequences” to your business.

Based on over 10 years of PhD research, ModuleQ provides Business Information Vendors with a game-changing white labeled, intelligent agent platform that works where professionals already work. 



Search 1.0 placed the burden of finding information on the user

Search 2.0 made recommendations based on other people’s behavior with low accuracy

Search 3.0 uses People Facing AI to deliver highly accurate information based on an individual’s priority work.