Our Mission

ModuleQ amplifies the creativity of people and their organizations through applied artificial intelligence.

We are committed to:

Creating technology that respects and enables our customers

Reducing the effort that people expend on routine activities

Honoring privacy as a prerequisite for creativity and innovation

Algorithmic transparency: you don’t have to just trust us

Personal Data Fusion™

The Internet made information available and now smartphones bring that information to the palm of our hands. An ever-growing selection of apps and platforms connect us to data streams of all kinds. These technologies enable individual professionals to accomplish more than ever before, but they also expose our limits: we can only process so much information before it overwhelms us and information overload sets in.

Computers created information overload but they can also solve it, by using intelligent algorithms to distill and condense data into more concentrated, meaningful and useful forms. For example, the meetings, emails, social media connections, contact information and news articles related to a particular project are automatically grouped together and organized, so the information you need is easy to find. ModuleQ calls this distillation process Personal Data Fusion™.

We are ModuleQ

David Brunner
Founder & CEO

PhD ITM Harvard

Associate BCG

BS Computer Science Stanford

Anupriya Ankolekar
Co-Founder, Principal Scientist

Principal Research Scientist Hewlett-Packard Laboratories

PhD HCI Carnegie Mellon

Norman Tsang

Managing Partner/CFO Alerion Partners
Board Director/COO (Interim) Enso Financial Analytics
McKinsey, IBM, Citigroup

Sherry Harmon

VP Sales WebEx, Autonomy, SupportSoft
President NextNine (acquired by Honeywell)


Ryan Curd
Director of Engineering

Product Owner Unisys

BS Computer Science University of Minnesota

Pieter Franken
Distinguished Engineer

Executive Director Monex Group

Co-founder SAFECAST

Affiliate Researcher MIT Media Lab

Our Board Members & Advisors

Ethan Bernstein

Assistant Professor HBS

Author, “The Transparency Trap” Harvard Business Review

Marco Iansiti

Professor & Unit Head, Technology & Operations Management HBS

Co-founder & Director Model N (NASDAQ: MODN)

Atsushi Taira

Representative Director, Mistletoe

SVP Global Business Strategy, SoftBank

Chief Marketing Officer, Yahoo! Japan

Fred Amoroso
Senior Advisor

Chairman Yahoo

President & CEO Rovi

President & CEO CrossWorlds Software

Joseph Rhyne
Senior Advisor

Technology Management Faculty Columbia University

SVP Technology Thomson

VP & General Manager (Nexis), LexisNexis

Leslie Paulides
Senior Advisor

VP Business Operations, Barracuda Networks
VP Finance & Corp. Controller, NetApp, Inc
Director of WW Sales Operation, Quantum Corporation

Privacy is our Priority

Personal Data Fusion™ is not Big Brother.

Our mission is to support you in your work. ModuleQ’s Personal Data Fusion™ was designed to be helpful while respecting your individual creativity.

We Believe in Personal Space

To be a successful professional you need personal space where you can innovate and experiment. Second-guessing and back-seat drivers are distracting. We want to ensure that nothing will slow you down.

You Control Your Data

You decide when to share your work. We compile metrics so you can enhance your performance but you decide the share anything. We don’t share the details of your work without your permission. Your data is private. There are exceptional cases: ModuleQ complies with valid subpoenas and search warrants.

Collaborate without Losing Personal Privacy

To help your team understand what’s happening, we’ve developed summary activity metrics, but those are always aggregated and anonymized so nothing can be traced back to you.

We Stand with You

We will never sell your information to advertisers.

Our solution is hosted on Azure.