Meet the Q Bot

connects the dots so you don’t have to:

  • Personalizes news delivery so you can stay up-to-date on your priority customers
  • Turns Microsoft Teams into your new priority inbox. When a relevant email comes in, jump there directly and take action, leaving the system of record intact
  • Visualizes your relationship momentum with easy to understand graphics delivered in a Weekly Activity Summary


Giving people the right information at the right time creates an environment conducive to success.

Relevant news suggestions and personalized visuals keep momentum up, allowing people to adapt to changing situations on the fly.


ModuleQ’s Personal Data Fusion tracks priority communications using AI tuned to client facing professionals.

Keeping you engaged, Q bot surfaces ongoing communications enabling immediate response through the email or calendar. This report follows conversations as they develop and keeps users apprised of changes in customer response momentum.


Q will speak up when a priority is progressing. No one will lose focus scanning their inbox every 15 minutes. Because, let’s be honest, that’s what people do.


ModuleQ allows your professionals to traverse solutions silos where information lives.

Users can collect and share data from their work stream to collaborate with the team so everyone is on the same page — even across email, calendar and chat.

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