ModuleQ for Sales

Your competition moves fast — move faster. ModuleQ powers up sales organizations to sell smarter.

ModuleQ understands your sales professionals’ work and next steps with customers, proactively delivering relevant collateral.

Get the whole team on the same page.


Improve your Sales Team’s Proficiency

  • Provide relevant insight based on each sales professional’s work, helping them to establish consultative relationships with their clients.
  • Inject relevant information on new campaigns, case studies, or clients that will help win deals.
  • Deliver breaking news relating to the client, keeping your professionals in the know.
  • Increase exposure to new collateral presented in sales training sessions, delivering just in time.
  • Drive both content usage and knowledge asset familiarity through our “More Like This” feature.
  • Improve consistency of the sales team as they receive current versions of content, synchronized with important client meetings.

Enhance Organizational Learning

  • Help new employees onboard information, without having to search or ask, by automating the delivery of content relevant to their client work.
  • Recommend experts in your organization relevant to each sales effort.
  • Monitor your organization’s popular collective intelligence by user role, so it can be delivered to similar professionals.
  • Track content that drives successful results, to guide resource investment.