Our AI comes to your data, not the other way around.

ModuleQ understands that security and data governance are foundational to your
business. Frictionless access to internal information and AI-powered personalization
cannot come at the expense of security and compliance. You cannot allow traces of
your business activity, to say nothing of personally identifiable or customer-related
information, to flow outside of your secure perimeter. That’s why ModuleQ delivers
software for you to install and operate within your Azure tenant – where you already
keep your Office 365 data.

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Where Q Lives

Q is an AI assistant solution deployed as an Azure Virtual Appliance. As shown in the
diagram below, you install Q in your Azure tenant, so data never leaves your secure
environment. ModuleQ provides support, but access to the system for updates,
monitoring, and maintenance on an as-needed basis, and entirely under your control.


Azure Virtual Appliance
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Protecting your Data

Your users’ data is encrypted both at rest and in-transit. Q uses the AES algorithm for encrypting the data at rest, and mutual TLS authentication for secure network communication between components. For stronger security, ModuleQ lets you provide your own encryption keys.

ModuleQ makes extensive use of Azure security technologies, including:
Azure security tools

Security Center Standard infrastructure vulnerability scanning

Active Directory Premium P2 authentication and access controls

Multi-Factor Authentication

Conditional Access

Privileged Identity Management just-in-time admin access

Identity Protection user and sign in monitoring and alerting

Key vault premium

Secret, Token, certificate storage and management

Azure Deployment/Infrastructure Tools
Azure Deployment/Infrastructure Tools

Azure DevOps source control, task management, build-test-deploy pipeline

Kubernetes Service container orchestration

Container Registry container image storage

Application Insights application monitoring and alerting

Log Analytics log aggregation and analysis

Service Bus message queues for asynchronous communication between components

Table Storage data storage

Microsoft Bot Framework messaging client integration

Bot Channel Registration web app connection for bot

.NET application framework

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