The AI Assistant for Your Work Life

ModuleQ is like a brilliant research assistant that connects the dots in your work data. We tap into the largest databases, the latest news, and even your company’s internal content. With our People-Facing AI, everybody works smarter and faster.


High-value insights from People-Facing AI — when you need them, where you want them — keep you one step ahead. You also avoid being blind-sided with information you should have known, but didn’t see.


Your people are more productive and profitable because they don’t waste time and effort searching for information. ModuleQ’s People-Facing AI understands their priorities and proactively delivers insights.


You can generate incremental revenue as you automatically reach front-line professionals with truly useful content based on their current personalized needs.

How It Works


You are inundated by work data — email, calendars, stored documents, industry reports, and breaking news. With your consent, ModuleQ’s People-Facing AI creates a network of intelligence in your existing workspace to identify your priorities. As we connect the dots in work data, we put powerful insights at our fingertips, before you even ask. We adapt to your preferences and feedback to drive timely, insightful information with remarkable predictive accuracy.


ModuleQ’s proprietary algorithms search public and internal information, as well as business intelligence from partners such as Thomson Reuters. Our People-facing AI analyzes your work priorities and timing issues and eliminates the noise and distracting information. You can easily share this information with your colleagues.

STEP 3: Learns what works.

As you provide feedback on what works and what doesn’t, our People-Facing AI improves its ability to deliver only the most relevant information. ModuleQ aggregates the way you and your colleagues use insights so your organization can accelerate learning across the enterprise. Everyone stays in the know on trends, leverages consistent information, and works more effectively.


We are adding new data sources and channels all the time. ModuleQ is excited to highlight our partnership with Microsoft to deliver these insights to you via Microsoft O365 and Microsoft Teams. We are also excited to highlight our partnership with Thomson Reuters to bring great content and leverage their unique Knowledge Graph technology. And we are adding new data sources and channels all the time.

“If only HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive.”

Lew Platt, former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard

With ModuleQ’s artificial intelligence, there’s no excuse for not knowing what you should know. Contact us to learn how to implement Q in your organization.