AI Knowledge Delivery

Use knowledge stockpiles effectively by delivering information to your client-facing professionals, just in time.

What is ModuleQ?

Our Personal Data Fusion™ uses artificial intelligence to find patterns and connect the dots in Microsoft Office 365 email and calendar, ensuring focus on what’s most important.

Our chatbot Q communicates through Microsoft Teams, surfacing ongoing priority communications from email and calendar and notifying in real time.


Keep those ducks in a row, no matter how much is going on.

First thing in the morning, Q presents a priority dashboard to keep everyone on track with their most valuable relationships from the get go. Q leverages user feedback to keep an up-to-date visualization of priority relationships and how they’ve changed over time.


Never. Miss. Anything.

Q will speak up when a priority is progressing. No one will lose focus scanning their inbox every 15 minutes. Because, let’s be honest, that’s what people do.


Work without friction.

gets your people to where their work is done. Everything is at their fingertips, so no one loses focus searching for what’s important.


Understand work as it happens.

Giving people the right information at the right time creates an environment conducive to success.

Relevant suggestions and personalized visuals keep momentum up, allowing people to adapt to changing situations on the fly.

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