ModuleQ, Powered By Personal Data Fusion

The Internet made information available and now smartphones bring that
information to the palm of our hands. An ever-growing selection of
apps connect us to data streams of all kinds. These technologies enable
individual professionals to accomplish more than ever before, but they
also expose our limits: we can only process so much information before it
overwhelms us and information overload sets in.


Computers created information overload but they can also solve it,
by using intelligent algorithms to distill and condense data into more concentrated,
meaningful and useful forms. For example, the meetings, emails, social media
connections, contact information and news articles related to a particular project are
automatically grouped together and organized, so the information you need is
easy to find. ModuleQ calls this distillation process Personal Data Fusion.



Learn more about ModuleQ from the Founder & CEO, David Brunner.

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David Brunner
Founder & CEO

  • PhD Information, Technology & Management - Harvard University
  • BS Computer Science - Stanford University
Sherry Harmon

  • COO, cfactor
  • VP Sales, WebEx
  • VP Inside & Channel Sales, SupportSoft
Peter Taraba
Principal Data Engineer

  • Microsoft Research Technology, Deep Learning Technology Center
  • PhD - Slovak University of Technology
Margo Poda
Product Marketing Manager

  • BS - Georgetown University
  • Business Development, Magisto
  • Marketing Manager, PivotMail

Board of Directors

Allen Miner

  • Founder, Oracle Japan
  • Founder, Japan
Marco Iansiti

  • Professor & Unit Head, Technology & Operations Management - HBS
  • Co-founder & Director, Model N (NASDAQ: MODN)
Ethan Bernstein


John Dillon
Senior Advisor

  • CEO, Aerospike
  • CEO, (1999 - 2001)
  • CEO, Hyperion Solutions (1993 - 1999)
Pete Hartigan
Senior Advisor

  • CEO & Founder, Trusted Ventures, LLC
  • Chief Community Officer, SoFi (2011 - 2013)
Fred Amoroso
Senior Advisor

  • Chairman, Yahoo (2012 - 2013)
  • President & CEO, Rovi (2005 - 2011)
  • President & CEO, CrossWorlds Software (1999 - 2002)