Business answers…
proactively, before you ask

Precious knowledge is wasted because professionals on the front lines are too busy to search for it, can’t find it or don’t know it exists.

If only HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive.

Lew Platt, former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard

ModuleQ anticipates professionals’ needs using proprietary algorithms that understand the emerging and dynamic work priorities of the professional so you can deliver timely relevant insight.


ModuleQ uses People-Facing AI that is powered by an individual’s
work data in Office 365 to map priorities to valuable information resources.



A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention

Herbert A Simon, Nobel 1978 Economics

Personal Data Fusion™, the intelligent core of ModuleQ

  • Analyzes Office 365 metadata to identify work priorities for each user
  • Determines optimal timing of content delivery
  • Learns and adapts to user preferences and feedback

The Q delivery mechanism, works where professionals work

  • Developed on Microsoft Bot Framework
  • White label options encouraged

Delivered on Microsoft Azure Stack

  • Extensible architecture to meet the needs of the large enterprise
  • Meets stringent security and governance requirements

ModuleQ works where your professionals work

People-Facing Artificial Intelligence

ModuleQ applies machine learning to deliver tailored insight

Fully Brand your Bot

Q bot can be white labeled in your
company’s image

Mobile Interface

ModuleQ goes where you go, just add to Microsoft Teams.

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