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Q is your Navigator.

Meet Q: Personal Data Fusion at your Fingertips

Our Personal Data Fusion uses artificial intelligence to find patterns and connect the dots in your Microsoft Office 365 email and calendar, helping you focus on what’s most important.

Then, our chatbot Q integrates with Microsoft Teams, surfaces ongoing priority communications from your email and calendar and notifies you in real time.


Keep all your ducks in a row, no matter how much you have going on.

First thing in the morning, Q presents a priority dashboard so you stay on track with your most valuable relationships from the get go. Using your feedback, keeps an up-to-date visualization of your priority relationships and how they’ve changed over time.

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Never. Miss. Anything.

Q will always be there to let you know when a priority is developing. You won’t lose focus scanning your inbox every 15 minutes. Because, let’s be honest, that’s what you do.

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Work without friction.

Q takes you exactly where you need to be to get your work done. All your work is at your fingertips so you don’t lose focus searching for what’s important.

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Understand how your relationships develop.

For the first time, you have full visualization of what is going on in your personal work world.

Q provides a view into the momentum of your conversations, allowing you to adapt to changing situations on the fly.

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