ModuleQ People-Facing AI

ModuleQ’s People-Facing AI delivers the right information, before asking, to people and teams: removing research burdens and increasing decision velocity. ModuleQ connects the dots for you, yielding key business insights distilled from your data (calendars, email, social, etc.), internal business data (proposals, reports, memos, etc.), and external business data (news and subscriptions).

“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.”
Herbert A Simon, Nobel 1978 Economics
“The majority of Americans absorb the equivalent of 174 newspapers a day.”
Harvard Business Review, “Death By Information Overload”
Investments in AI should “test how AI reinvents business, enabling firms to drive growth through a reimagined operating model.” 2018
“Knowledge workers find the information they need only 56% of the time.”
IDC, “The Knowledge Quotient: Unlocking the Hidden Value of Information Using Search and Content Analytics,”

Easy, immediate insights

Tapping into the largest databases, the latest news, and even your company’s internal content, ModuleQ gives you business answers, before you ask.

AI searches on your behalf for the information that will be useful for your current work priorities

Seamless experience across mobile, desktop, tablet

Delivered where you work - doesn’t require going to an additional destination - seamless experience across mobile, desktop, tablet

Delivered when you need it

Personal Data Fusion™

The Internet vastly expanded the universe of information available. Then smartphones put that information in to the palm of your hands. Now you can do more than ever with data streams of all kinds, except that we can only process so much information before it overwhelms us and information overload sets in. Enter Personal Data Fusion™, the artificial intelligence technology that will end information overload. If your smartphone has ever told you to “leave now for your meeting because traffic is heavy,” you’ve experienced the tip of the iceberg.

People-facing AI

ModuleQ delivers tailored insights to you.

More Sources

Draw from internal and external sources, tap into premier business intelligence partners.

Mobile Interface

ModuleQ goes where you go, just add to Microsoft Teams.

White Label

ModuleQ supports your branding.

Control your privacy

You decide when to share your work. Nothing is shared without your permission.


ModuleQ resides inside your firewalls and meets the highest security measures.

See what ModuleQ can do for your organization.