Q delivers information relevant to your priorities

Q finds content relevant to your current priorities by scouring external and internal content sources, such as news, collateral, and experts. Q delivers the information before important meetings and events so you are armed with the latest news and most current collateral.

The recommended content is presented to you where you work (Microsoft Teams). You easily email the content or request “More like this”.

Q surfaces your most important work

Powered by ModuleQ’s Personal Data Fusion AI platform, Q automatically discovers your high priority client relationships by interpreting the digital traces in your Office 365 work data (email, calendar, chat). All you have to do is confirm the clients Q identifies, so it can get to work for you.

Q escalates ongoing communication around the priority relationships you confirm so that you never miss an important email.

You can view your priorities in Q’s priority dashboard, and reorder them as your client focus changes, so Q always knows what is important.

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